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Carriage and Wagon Axles For Horse-Drawn Vehicles
Carriage Museum of America-2002
250 pages. Paperback. 9 x 12. Illustrated.
Like its companion, Wheelmaking, this book
is a compilation of articles on axle making
taken from late 19th century journals
published in America for the carriage
Carriage and Wagon Makers Machinery and Tools
Kenneth L. Cope-2004
200 pages. 8-1/2 x 11. Illustrated.
Paperback. Here again is one of Ken Cope's
major reference works on the history of
technological innovation. The use of
machinery to replace hand tools began
earlier in carriage and wagon building than
in other 19th century trades, and lasted
longer. It was primarily concerned with
wheelmaking, one of the most intricate and
time-consuming tasks of the carriage builder.
Practical Carriage Building
M.T. Richardson-1996
512 pages. Illustrated. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2.
Paperback. A definitive, easy to follow
reference on this early trade that is now
enjoying a well-deserved renaissance.
The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving
Robyn Cuffey And Jaye-Allison
155 pages. 8-1/2 x 11. Illustrated.
Paperback. This book will become the
most useful driving book on your shelf.
Practical Carriage and Wagon Painting
M.C. Hillick-1997
180 pages. Illustrated. 6 x 9. Paperback.
The book is full of beautiful ornaments,
lettering and striping—all of great help to
the carriage, wagon or sleigh
collector/restorer, the sign painter, or the
graphic artist.
WheelMaking Wooden Wheel Design and Construction
Carriage Museum of America-1996
248 pages. Illustrated. 9 x 12. Paperback.
This is a fascinating book, full of detailed
information valuable both to the general
reader and to the practicing wheelwright.
A Treasury of Fine Construction Design
126 pages. 8-1/2 x 11. Illustrated. Paperback.
It’s a treasure house of information not found
elsewhere. Invaluable for anyone involved in
design, restoration, construction, joinery and
Break and Train Your Own Horse
Troy Graves-1954
138 pages. Illustrated. Hardback.
Break and Train your Own Horse is very easy to
read and follow. It teaches will teach how to
train from a 4 week old colt to adult horse.
USED Great Condition
A Picture Book Of Ponies
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent-1983
32 pages. Illustrated. Hardback. What is the
smallest breed of pony? How big can a welsh get?
These are some questions that the author will cover
in this book.
USED Ex-library book- Great condition otherwise.
Feeding to Win
Equine Research Publications 1973
314 pages. Hardback. Illustrated. A
scientifically sound book on feeding horses,
complete with a bibliography, and questions
and answers. This books gos further than
most nutritional books. It is for the advanced
horse owner, who already has a basic
knowledge of horse nutrition.
USED Like New
Conditioning to Win
Equine Research Publications 1974
318 pages. Illustrated. Hardback.
Conditioning to win is a complete
reference on  the subjects of equine
conditioning and exercise. It is also
companion to Feeding to Win.
Used Like New
Animal Parasites and Parasitic Diseases
Alexander Eger 1924
250 pages. Hardback. Illustrated. Animal
Parasites and Parasitic Diseases is a complete
illustrated book. It has all the information on
how to diagnose and treat parasites. This is
form a local veterinarians library.
USED Cover shows a little wear. Otherwise Its in Very Good Condition.
Horse Show Organisation
J A Allen 1979
180 pages. Illustrated. Hardback.
This book was written to help
anyone wanting to run a horse show.
This book fills a need for information
on jumping shows also. There are
very little amounts of literature
besides this.
USED Like New! Superb Conditon
Animal Hygiene
Leunis Van Es-1947
768 pages. Hardback. Illustrated.
Veterinarians text book, and was part a
local veterinarians library.
USED Signed by previous owner.
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