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About Our Collars
All of our collars are handmade with genuine American Amish
craftsmanship and are not imported. Imported leathers and
materials cannot compare to the quality of collars that we provide.
Only the best grade of leather and top-quality materials are used-
which makes for a high-quality product. These come from a local
Amish family business that has been making collars and horse
blankets since 1975. If you want to know more, check out our
"Testimonials" page and see what some of our satisfied
customers had to say!
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Amish Horse 'N Harness
We sell beautiful, brand-new, authentic, handmade Amish
buggy collars, high-quality farm hames made by Chupp
Blacksmith Shop and various other horse-related products. We
have a variety of collars and hames with a complete size range
(from 9" to 33" for collars and 12"-30" for hames), including
pulling collars, farm collars, buggy collars, and all-purpose
collars and farm hames, pony hames, and buggy hames. You
can browse our selection through the links on the left or read
on for more information about our products!

**Before placing an order, please read our "Policies" page for
important information!**
How to Fit a Horse Collar
It does not matter how well a horse collar is made, if it is not properly
fitted to the horse, it is sure to hurt him. Therefore, it is necessary to
use the greatest care in selecting the proper shape and size of collar.
The photograph at the top of this page shows you how a collar should
be fitted. If care is taken in fitting the collar and adjusting the hames
so the hame tug comes over center of draft, you have eliminated all
trouble of sore necks and shoulders, and the horse will work with
ease and comfort. More horses are ruined by collars fitted too large
than any other cause.

When fitting a horse with a collar, there should not be any more space
between the horse's neck and throat of the collar than will allow your
four fingers, when laid flat on the inside of the throat of the collar, to
pass through freely.

The best way to fit a collar, if possible, is to borrow one from someone
else to see how it fits your horse. Doing this, you can get an idea of
size and see how the collar will fit, and whether you should order a
larger or smaller collar as needed.
Hame Sizing Information
All of these hames are measured from the
top notch of the ratchet to the bottom of the
hame to arrive at the correct hame size. To
determine the correct size hames to fit your
collar, always order the hames in a size 1"-2"
longer than your collar size. The only
exception is with buggy hames, which should
be only 1" over your collar size.